Where to Curl in Calgary

The spirit of curling refers not only to the fact that the game must be played with integrity, as with any self-refereed sport; it refers also to the tradition of buying drinks for your opponents following a match. Indeed, the game, known to many as “chess on ice,” is to booze as marathon running is to Gatorade. So grab your brooms, and get your rocks off at Calgary’s best places to go curling.

Calgary Curling Club
Located in Calgary’s northwest, this world-class curling facility is open to experts as well as beginners; equipment rentals are available, and a short introductory lesson comes with sheet rental. 720 3 St. NW, 403-283-8381.

Garrison Curling Club
Calgary’s newest curling facility is also its oldest: Completely rebuilt seven years ago but established in the 1950s, this venue also boasts a friendly atmosphere and convenient southwest location. 2288 47 Ave. SW, 403-242-8191.

Inglewood Golf and Curling Club
The Inglewood Golf and Curling Club is a hidden gem: difficult to find but worth the effort. Not only do they welcome leagues of all levels and ages, their lounge’s fireplace makes for inviting post-game relaxation. 34 Ave. and 26 St. (Barlow Trail), 403-807-0152.

North Hill Community Curling Club
Nestled in Crescent Heights overlooking downtown, what may be Calgary’s busiest club has six sheets of ice, all available for rental, making it the perfect location for your winter birthday bash. 1201 – 2 St. NW, 403-277-3158.

Southern Alberta Curling Association
Though SACA doesn’t have its own facility, it does host intensive “curl clinics” for beginner and intermediate players. The association is also the go-to for curling info and community news. 720 3rd 3 St. NW, 403-246-9300.

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