Gravied Reign

Is any other food as ultimately Canadian as the humble poutine? A dish consisting of fries, gravy and cheddar cheese curds, and with origins dating back to 1950s Quebec, this once lowbrow food has come West in incarnations that are nothing short of gourmet. Authentic poutine relies on cheese curds, … Read More

Calgary’s Best Comfort Foods

Sometimes, on winter’s coldest days, you just want a big hug from your mom. Since your mom’s not always around, and admitting this desire would be somewhat emasculating, we advise that you seek comfort in food, instead. Here, Calgary’s best comfort foods. Mac and Cheese at FARM Forget KD. This … Read More

Calgary: Last-Minute Gifts for Girls

People say it’s the thought that counts, but we know that’s not always the case. If your gal hates your gift, no matter how thoughtful, you could be screwed. There is, however, a fortunate flipside to this. If, say, it’s a week before Christmas and the idea of getting a … Read More

Where to Curl in Calgary

The spirit of curling refers not only to the fact that the game must be played with integrity, as with any self-refereed sport; it refers also to the tradition of buying drinks for your opponents following a match. Indeed, the game, known to many as “chess on ice,” is to … Read More

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