Why Design Matters

What value does hiring an interior designer bring to a project? When considering renovations or simply updating a room, many fail to recognize the value of hiring a good designer and so this week I thought I would shed some light on the value of good design.

I wanted to begin by defining what should be expected of designers. Interior designers focus on both the functional and aesthetic aspects of interior spaces. A qualified interior designer should be able to analyze your needs and budget, provide conceptual solutions and then manage the implementation of the project.


A designer should be able to save you money. If a designer does his/her homework, costly mistakes can be avoided by coaching you to examine the whole space, pointing out pitfalls and improvements, before the design process begins to ensure that nothing has been overlooked.

A good designer should have extensive, up-to-date product knowledge and should be able to source the best materials and fixtures at the best price to suit your needs. A good sample library enables a designer to present recommendations right in the comfort of your own home, saving you valuable time.

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We all know that good design can also greatly enhance the perceived value of a home. A good designer should be able to coach you on where to achieve the greatest results, whether for personal enjoyment or for the purpose of resale value.


Lastly, a good designer should bring elements of creativity to your project. Designers usually choose their career paths because they possess a passion for design and can bring some valuable ingenuity to your project.

Next week I will discuss what you can expect to pay for various levels of design and points to look for when negotiating a design contract.

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