What Women Want (You to Wear)

I’m a sucker for a well-dressed man, especially in the summer heat. I’m not looking for cutting edge fashion; just a few judiciously chosen pieces that offer a guy that effortless, fresh from the beach look – even if he’s working hard at it, and he’s nowhere near a beach. Here are seven of my favourite looks for summer.

1. White Linen Shirt
The next best thing to a Spanish accent: Nothing says Latin cool like a loose, white linen shirt.

2. Rolled-Up Trousers
Channel beach casual with a cotton pair of khakis rolled to mid-shin, worn sockless with a pair of canvas sneakers. Bonus: It saves us both from the ghastly Manpri.

3. Sperry Topsiders (pictured)
JFK wore these classic boat shoes when he went yachting, but the truth is you don’t need a yacht to wear them: They look irresistible with damn near everything.

4. Square Aviators
Classic, rounded aviators are reliable, but a pair of square-framed numbers will differentiate you from the masses, lending you a hint of that badass soldier look.

5. Khaki Cotton Suit
I love a man in a suit all year. A slim-fitting, khaki suit in cotton looks just as hot as traditional wool, but keeps you much cooler.

6. Tan Bucks
Pull off that Southern gentleman style with impeccable manners – and a pair of soft, tan buckskin shoes.

7. Seersucker Shorts
My heart doesn’t usually beat faster when I see you in shorts, but a crisp, slim-fitting pair made from seersucker – a light cotton, usually striped – might just do the trick.

Image courtesy of Dominick V on Flickr.


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