Wonder-Gym Powers, Activate!

As most personal trainers will tell you, the first three weeks of new exercise are the hardest; after that it’s a cakewalk. In the bigger picture, whether one’s goal is to get fit, stay fit or just be active, the ability to deal with the repetition of an exercise regimen is usually the deciding factor between sticking with it or flopping on the couch for the Spartacus: Blood and Sand marathon. In our increasingly attention-deprived society, not being bored by something as mechanical as exercise (after a month or so) seems superhuman. Here are four great places in Calgary, guaranteed to keep you motivated to feel the burn.

Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
If you’re familiar with mixed martial arts, you probably know the Gracie family is considered royalty amongst the combat sports community. Professor Josh Russell, who runs Calgary’s Gracie Barra gym, is a first-degree black belt in BJJ, and studied the martial art in Rio de Janeiro under Master Carlos Gracie Jr. (cousin of the original UFC champion, Royce Gracie). Learning these authentic techniques tests cardio, dexterity and mental fortitude. We could all use a bit of that. Suite 234, 1830 52 St. SE, 403-899-2880.

Heavens Fitness
Heavens mixes personal training, nutritional education programs and 37 different group classes to help its clients achieve their fitness goals. The three-floor studio features yoga, pilates, cardio, TRX suspension training, and many other functional training areas; also onsite are a juice bar, massage studio, cycling area, and weight room. The club’s personal trainers promise to motivate and inspire your routine each time you think you may be getting bored; and for the busy parent who can never find time to hit the gym, Heavens offers supervised childcare. 637 11 Ave. SW, 403-263-3113.

Be More Fitness Inc.
Variety is the spice of life — and perhaps more specifically, a healthy life. Be More offers a number of radically different fitness boot camps that take place in more than a dozen locations across Calgary. How different? Programs include kettle bell training, golf fitness and even doggie fitness camps (you got it: work out with Rex, though hopefully he’s not your spotter). 403-453-1200.

Remington’s Gym
Luke Remington’s gym harkens back to the days before high-pressure membership sales reps and tae-bo-type video crazes. The old-school power-lifter is in the gym every day and he employs a team of fitness experts to personally track and motivate his members’ iron-pumping progress. The gym is also ardently committed to keeping Top 40 music off of its play list, and cranks legitimately great tunes from open ’till close. 1609 Centre St. NW, 403-984-3932.

Image courtesy of rob_stoppable.

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