An App That Might Break Your Phone

There’s a new app that measures how high you can throw you phone without dropping it and shattering it to pieces. The “Send Me to Heaven” App was made public by Norwegian developer CarrotPop, according to TIME.

It’s unknown whether the name comes from the idea of throwing your phone so high it can reach the heavens, or the fact that if you let your phone drop from 30 feet in the air its going to the afterlife.

What makes this even more of a terrible way to risk your phone’s life is the fact that the app has worldwide leaderboards, daring you to out-throw other like-minded people with no regard for phone safety.

The record so far is 40 metres, which is unbelievably high seeing how professional athletes have trouble catching things at that height.

The app is only available on Android phones, however, as Apple refuses to licence any app that may harm their phones.

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