Wearing a Bracelet to Find a Date

Finding a date can sometimes be a lot of work. For example, perhaps you see someone on the street that you’re interested in, a thousands questions will creep into your mind before you approach. Is she looking for someone too? Does she have a boyfriend? Am I going to get rejected?

Well, there’s a new product that will dispel a few of those questions. It’s called the MY Single Band, and its creators want all people “single and looking” to wear one to make approaching people and dating easier. The only problem is you might look sillier wearing the thing than being rejected on the spot.

The bracelets, that look similar to Livestrong bracelets, except they come in several colours and have the words fate, destiny and future printed on them.

So in MY Single Band’s perfect world, a pair of people might make eye contact on the street or at a cafe, then briefly check each other’s wrists. If both of them (or one of them with the other person knowing what it means) are wearing the bracelets, then sparking a conversation is that much easier.

The problem is people might not want to advertise they are single, and if they are wearing rubber bracelets in hopes of meeting someone, they could come off as a little desperate. Not to mention it will take a while for most of the population to recognize what the bracelets mean. And what happens when it’s not T-shirt weather? How can you meet someone when people are wearing parkas and pea coats?

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