Brain to Brain Communication is Here

University of Washington scientists claim they are the first to have participated in brain-to-brain communication. According to CNET, scientists Rajesh Rao and Andrea Stocco used the internet to send direct brain signals to one another. Rao sent a signal that made Stucco move his right hand, the first human-to-human communication in this matter.

According to a University of Washington press release, the two scientists had a Skype conversation, though neither of them were looking at their screen.

With both of their brains hooked up to each other, Rao watched a computer screen and played a video game. When he wanted to fire a cannon, he imagined his right hand moving and pressing the fire button. On the other side of campus, Stucco involuntarily moved his right index finger to press the button to fire the in-game cannon.

Stocco says brain-to-brain communication can work between people that don’t speak the same language, and could be used to land planes if the pilot becomes incapacitated or to help disabled people communicate with others. Just make sure you’ve got a stable Wi-Fi connection, because who knows what happens if the internet goes down mid-thought.

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