Colorado Town Wants to Hunt Government Drones

Do you want to fire the first shot in the upcoming war against the machines? Well, Deer Trail, Colorado might be the place for you. According to CNET, the town is looking into giving out “drone hunting licences” and paying rewards to people that have proof they shot down federal property.

If you’re thinking this is a right-wing protest against the Obama administration, it’s not that simple. Phillip Steel, the man behind the effort, thinks the hunting licenses will boost tourism to the area and bring money into Deer Trail. Hopefully it outweighs the potential danger in hunters flocking from around the country to shoot wildly in the air at the small, fast moving objects.

Steel even admits that he’s never actually seen a drone fly over his town, so it’s not like the town is being swarmed with privacy destroying drones.

The effort will surely bring a lot of new people to Deer Trail, Colorado. Whether they are tourists or FBI agents trying to find the guy shooting down U.S. property remains to be seen.






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