Hockey Night in Turks & Caicos

Aching to travel this fall, but don’t want to miss a single puck drop? Well, the Gansevoort Turks + Caicos has a solution for you: puts up a huge screen on the white sand beach of their resort, and they stream the game live.

As you might expect, hotel owner Rob Ayers is Canadian, and all the beautiful Caribbean beach life in the world couldn’t keep him from missing the greatest sport in the world, so he started streaming the game for guests and other expats.

In fact, this fall, they’ve built a special package for hockey-mad Canadians: one week’s accommodation, two spa treatments, two rounds of golf, and hockey streamed live to the beach (where you’ll presumably sip daiquiris), from Saturday to Saturday, from $350 a night. The offer extends from September 5th to October 19th, but we imagine that Edmonton Oilers fans will start praying for a Turks vacation sometime around February.

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