Man Stops Polar Bear With…Phone

Using handling your cellphone in the vicinity of bears is a bad thing. But a man’s mobile device may have saved his life in the polar bear capital of the world.

According to TIME, Garett Kolsun of Churchill, Manitoba was cornered by a polar bear until he grabbed the cellphone in his pocket and showed the screen to the bear. The phone disoriented the bear, causing him to backpedal. The bear knocked over a plant and the noise sent the bear scurrying away. Kolsun then scurried away himself, receiving medical attention for bites and scratches to his chest and hip.

Parks Canada says playing dead is not an option when polar bears attack and the only way to get away is to fight back or “use deterrents.” We’re pretty sure Parks Canada never thought waving a cellphone at an attack bear would ever be a deterrent. Which gets us to wondering, what was on the phone screen during the attack? Candy Crush? Angry Birds? A selfie?

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