Some Men Would Rather Have a Root Canal Than Shop

So, who hates shopping? Well, men, seniors, and people from the southerners.

A survey of Americans and their attitudes about shopping commissioned by gameit (a shopping game app that lets you win real stuff) found that at least one in three Americans hate shopping and would rather have a root canal. Sadly, they didn’t survey any Canadians, but given the fact that we can’t find any space on the husband bench at the mall, we bet attitudes ‘round here might be similar.

Some other key findings:

  • 32% of Americans agreed with the statement “I’d rather have a root canal than go holiday shopping.”
  • 36% of men agreed; only 28% of women agreed.
  • 36% of southerners would go for the root canal, versus just 26% of north-easterners, which we find weird—don’t the north-easterners have to deal with snow?
  • 35% of people aged 55+ agreed with the statement, compared to 31% of younger age groups. This might explain why Grandma wrote me a cheque and asked me to pick out something nice.

So, to all you men who hate shopping: we feel for you. Check out our gift guide. Makes life easier. And if that isn’t good enough for you, here’s Nina Agdal in a bikini.

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