Proposing Marriage Through a Video Game

Some people think the whole getting down on one knee bit is getting a little cliche, and are thinking of weirder and weirder ways to pop the question. Take for example the guy who hid his marriage proposal at the end of an NES game.

According to Kotaku, video gamer EquinnoxX (his Imgur username) hacked the NES version of Contra and told his girlfriend to play it. When she finished the game, the end screen congratulated her and asked for her hand in marriage.

The man detailed the project here. But what is truly amazing is that he chose Contra, a pretty tough game, to propose. Was testing her gaming fortitude? A tip to guys thinking of doing a similar proposal, pick something like Super Mario. Because if you force the love of your life to get through Ninja Gaiden. She might hate you and say no.

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