The Real, Average Penis Size

It’s time for another myth from your childhood to die. We don’t know exactly what you’ve been told about penis sizes, but it’s probably wrong. Fortunately, we have the right numbers right here.

A meta-study published in BJIU International sought to figure out average penis sizes, and they did so by analysing over twenty studies involving a total of 15,521 men; importantly, all of those studies had measurements take by a professional (because self-reporting doesn’t work).

So, without further nonsense:

Average length of flaccid penis: 3.61 inches.
Average length of erect penis: 5.17 inches.
Average circumference of flaccid penis: 3.67 inches.
Average circumference of erect penis: 4.59 inches.

Incidentally, any middle school story you heard about finger size, shoe size, nose size, or anything else correlating with penis size is basically wrong. The only way to figure out penis size is to measure.

Upset with your length? Not much you can do. Except lose some weight. That’s pretty much it.



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