Sleeping on the Subway? This App Will Wake You Up Before Your Stop

It’s happened to everyone. You take a ride on the subway, you doze off and awake to find yourself in unfamiliar surroundings. It’s a reality of subway travel. But a German computer science student thinks he has the solution.

The app is called MetroNap and according to TIME, makes napping on the subway and still finding your stop a lot easier. MetroNap works like this. You type in your subway line, your starting point and your final destination. Then the app will measure the movement of the subway car and vibrate when you are close to your stop. This way, if you doze off the app will wake you just in time to get off at your stop.

The problem is most subway sleep is spontaneous and unplanned. If someone has the wherewithal to plug in all their information and set the app up, they’re probably going to make it to their stop without falling asleep. Still, it’s a nice insurance policy.

The app is only available for the New York subway system, so hopefully MetroNap can make it’s way to the comfy, sleep-inducing behemoth that is the TTC.

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