The Pothole Robin Hood

Hollywood is always thinking of ways of modernizing fairy tales, but this time the real world has created one hell of a adaptation.

In Jackson, Mississippi someone is stealing asphalt from city projects and using it to mend potholes around the city, according to TIME. They’re calling him “Pothole Robin Hood” because he, like the English outlaw, steals from the city/rich and gives to the people. His real name is Ron Chane, and so far he’s filled in 101 potholes around Jackson. At each pothole, he spray paints a circle around the pothole with the words, “Citizen Fixed.” This makes him a better Robin Hood than Kevin Costner ever was.

But Chane is not entirely in the clear. Jackson mayor Chokwe Lumumba (A.K.A. the Sheriff of Nottingham) has issued a statement commending people for improving the community, but Jackson does not permit the use of city resources to do so. Pothole Robin Hood’s actions are currently under investigation by local authorities. Hopefully there’s a Sherwood Forest equivalent in Mississippi for him to hide in.

We’re hoping Toronto comes up with an equivalent, or better yet, a Pothole Zorro.

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