View Cat Videos, For Your Health


You’ve wasted half an hour looking at cute cat videos on YouTube


You’ve wasted no time! Cute cat videos boost energy and positive emotions, according to a study in Computers and Human Behaviour.


Researchers surveyed 7,000 people about viewing cat videos. They asked about what sites people visited, how they felt about procrastination, whether they were cat or dog people, and more.


Turns out, a study on cat videos yielded a whole slew of findings, such as:

  • People who watch cat videos are more positive and energetic than prior to cat video.
  • They didn’t feel guilty, even though the behaviour often happens at work or during homework.
  • Certain personality traits, like shyness and agreeableness, are more prone to watching cat videos.
  • People had fewer negative emotions like anxiety, sadness, and annoyance after watching cat videos than before.
  • Cat videos are the most popular video category on YouTube.

The Takeaway

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