What Back Tattoos on Women Tell Men

A new study from France reveals that men may believe women with lower back tattoos are more promiscuous and will approach them more to snag a date.

The abstract of the study can be found here. The study had 11 women in their twenties go to the beach in a two-piece bathing suit and lie on the beach with their back exposed for about an hour. Some time later, the women would go back to the beach, this time sporting a temporary tattoo on their lower back. The study found that more men approached when the women were wearing the fake (unbeknownst to the men) tattoo. The study also found that it took less time for a man to approach when the woman had the tattoo.

After spending a hard day working on the beach with beautiful women, the scientists behind the study postulate a theory. They say the tattoo did not make the women more attractive to the men, instead, the men believed they had a better shot at getting a date (and more) with a woman with a back tattoo. It is possible the men believed tattooed women were more spontaneous or they’ve heard of the term “tramp stamp” and believed the hype. Or perhaps it was the French sense of romance that spurred these men on. The moral of the story is, people see tattoos and make sweeping judgments on the tattooed person. Take that in mind the next time you’re thinking of inking up.

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