Amazon Is Selling A ‘Smart Hospital Room In A Box’

No matter what you need, there’s a good chance Amazon has it for sale. The online retail giant is a one-stop-shop for a lot of people. And it keeps upping its game.

Amazon is now selling a fully stocked hospital room for US$285,000. Dubbed the world’s first “smart hospital room in a box,” the product is made by EIR Healthcare and is known as the MedModular.

Instead of just providing toilets, syringes, and gauze to medical facilities, Amazon now offers a complete hospital room. You know, just in case you want a tiny addition to your house.

EIR Healthcare describes the MedModular as being better for patients and caregivers than a traditional hospital room. The company points out the following benefits:

  • It provides an improved workflow for caregivers
  • It is customizable for each hospital
  • It contains curved corners and hands-free operation of doors, faucets and sinks to prevent the growth of bacteria
  • It has visual displays and monitors that keep patients informed
  • It incorporates handheld devices that enhance patients’ sense of control
  • It’s easier to maintain
  • It’s fabricated in an enclosed environment, ensuring 100 percent quality control
  • Every detail is taken into consideration to ensure efficiency

“Patient health and happiness [are] what drives who we are and what we do,” EIR Healthcare explains in the product description. “From workflow optimization, technology adoption, and facility design and development, our solutions deliver better care to the patient in the most efficient model possible.”

The MedModular is 350 square feet and includes a bed and full bathroom.

During an interview with Fox Business, EIR Healthcare CEO Grant Geiger noted that the product is not necessarily intended for the average person. It is, however, in compliance with building codes. The company, based in New York, is in the midst of negotiations with medical facilities across the United States.

The MedModular isn’t cheap but it makes up for the cost with convenience. Upon delivery, it is 95 percent complete. tractor-trailer drops off the room on site.

“The idea is that we’re reimagining the future of what we call healthcare  Opens a New Window. real estate and pushing the idea that real estate can be delivered as a service,” Geiger told Fox Business.

As of press time, there was only one spam review about the MedModular, so it’s unclear what users think of it.  No doubt few individuals have seriously considered buying the product.

EIR Healthcare was founded in 2016. Industrial Engineer Gunter Geiger, who led projects for companies such as Ford Motor Co. and Wal-Mart, decided to design a hospital room after undergoing eye surgery in Germany. His aim was to improve hospital workflow and the patient experience.

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