Avoid These Holiday Office Party Regrets

Holiday office parties can be a lot of fun or they can turn stressful if you drink too much and become too uninhibited. Four Loko recently surveyed 2,000 Americans and compiled some interesting data about the festive event that 83 percent of companies host each year.

They found that 47 percent of survey participants are excited to attend a company holiday party, particularly those who work in the engineering field. Employees like free food and drinks as well as hanging out with colleagues and celebrating the season.

However, a not-so-small number of people have some regrets after attending the yearly holiday bash. The combination of camaraderie and alcohol can cause some people to party a little too hard and make questionable decisions or actions.

Don’t hook up with a coworker

Twenty-six percent of those surveyed have done something they regret at a holiday party. This includes hooking up with a coworker. A whopping 41 percent of those surveyed said they know a colleague who has gotten busy with a coworker. Other party regrets include saying something rude and gossiping.

People in the HR industry are more likely to hook up with coworkers than those in other industries, according to the survey. Those in the insurance industry tend to be the rudest, while people working in science have a high penchant for gossip. Legal industry employees tend to get the loudest at the holiday party, while realtors are most likely to bring a bad plus-one to the annual event.

The number-one shocking behaviour at holiday parties belongs to government workers. They are most likely to hook up with a stranger in front of coworkers at a holiday bash.

Interestingly, while many people will admit to bad office party behaviour, only 9 percent reported being reprimanded for their actions. The behaviour that met the most scrutiny? Hooking up with a coworker, of course.

Don’t break the law

Some people get a bit too rambunctious at holiday events and cross the line. Seven percent of those surveyed admitted they got in trouble with the law either during or after an office party.

Remember, after a holiday company party, you don’t have a do-over. Eighteen percent of those surveyed said they were embarrassed to go to work the day after a company party. And a whopping 36 percent said they saw their boss doing something embarrassing at the holiday bash.

Limit what you drink

Drinking has a lot to do with people’s behaviour at office Christmas parties. For self-preservation, 80 percent of those surveyed limit their alcohol intake at these events. There is a time and a place to cut loose, and it’s not always alongside your boss and colleagues.

It’s not uncommon for the liquor to flow freely at these events. Many industries thrive on the party atmosphere with those in hospitality and food, accounting and construction topping the list. But construction industry holiday parties are most known for creating some memorable (but not necessarily innocent) moments at their holiday bashes.

Avoid certain people

Sixty-two percent of those surveyed said they avoid embarrassing situations at office parties by staying away from certain people. It’s common sense—if you don’t get along with someone and alcohol is freely available, it may be prudent to refrain from any interactions with him or her.

Holiday office parties contain a mix of people, and unsurprisingly those in their 20s are most likely to get rambunctious (as are those who are part of sales teams and leadership teams).

Interestingly, Four Loko found people with the following names are the biggest troublemakers: John, Mike, Jim, Tom, Matt, Sarah, Jessica, Lisa, Ashley, and Susan.

While office holiday parties can get rowdy, most people are expected back at work the following day. However, 16 percent of those surveyed said they skipped work following a party, and men were 47 percent more likely to do so. Then there’s the 10 percent of people who have slept at the office following a company party. We can’t help but wonder, how do they explain their crumpled clothes and boozy stench to colleagues?


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