Best Tech Crash Courses In Toronto

More and more, the traditional ideas about college or going back to school are shifting. It’s all about condensing tightly packed nuggets of wisdom into a couple of semesters, rather than dragging it out over years, which isn’t effective, wastes money, and doesn’t guarantee to leave you with a job.

Instead, ultra-compact crash courses are what’s hot, and it’s more than a passing fad. From web dev boot camps to coding workshops, there’s plenty of options for beginners or those more tech seasoned to enhance their skills. Plus, their alumni services are almost guaranteed to snag you a job, post-graduation.


This school has more of a university feel than the rest, and they’re registered as Private Career College. Located in the bustling heart of Queen West, HackerYou requires a standard application and admission process, but there are no grades. It’s most renowned for its 9 week, web development boot camp which is full time and teaches everything from jQuery and UX design to HTML5 and full-stack master classes.

Lighthouse Labs

This school was invented by developers who wanted to share their wealth of knowledge. Courses are held at a co-working space for developers called Devhub, on King West. The student to mentor ratio is 7:1, and a whopping 96% of graduates get hired within 120 days. 10-week programs include web and iOS dev, while part-time programs that last just over a month include Javascript fundamentals and blockchain for developers.

Brain Station

You’ve probably passed by this famous school for professionals and entrepreneurs, located on the central intersection of King West and Spadina. Total newcomers can take three-hour intro workshops, which are free and available to the public. The Web Dev program is a little more immersive, and they boast an 88% graduate employment rate within half a year of graduation.

Bitmaker Labs

Bitmaker Labs launched fast, and there was an ensuing buzz all around the GTA when it did. Unfortunately, they were nearly shut down by the government for not checking all the boxes in being an accredited training institution. However, their evening courses, 12-week programs, and 9-week boot camp still flourish. Useful courses stray from the standard web dev offerings and include digital marketing, product management, react development, and data science.

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