Bono To Play Golf For AIDS Charity Despite Youthful Pledge

When U2 formed in the mid-70s, image was very important to the band. They didn’t want to get involved in anything that was counter to the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, such as playing golf. Decades later, Bono and his bandmates are reneging on that oath for his charity (RED) in order to raise money for HIV/AIDS.

“U2 made a pledge early on, as teenagers actually when we formed the band that the one thing we would never ever do — and it was a sacred pledge — was to play golf,” Bono told The Associated Press. “We didn’t think it was rock ‘n’ roll.” is auctioning off celebrity experiences in honor of World AIDS Day on Dec. 1. One lucky winner will play a round of mini-golf with the Irish band, reports FOX News. Other experiences include working out with actress Charlize Theron, visiting Seoul, Korea, with K-Pop star Taeyeon, and attending a movie premiere with actress Reese Witherspoon.

Bono believes one of his fellow U2 band members is actually looking forward to the golf experience, despite the pledge they made about 40 years ago.

“Edge would say things like, ‘There are some cool people who play golf, Bono. Like Iggy Pop or Willie Nelson or Jack Nicholson,'” Bono revealed. “So, some people might be very happy if the band is broken open in a major fight over crazy golf. We shall see.”

Over the past 11 years, (RED) has raised $500 million to help several sub-Saharan African countries administer testing, prevention, treatment and other HIV/AIDS services to its citizens. Despite the progress that has been made with treatment and prevention, more needs to be done, according to Bono.

“There are more people now on anti-retroviral drugs that are newly infected,” Bono explained. “Just as this is happening, right at this moment, defeat could be seized from the jaws of victory. People are talking about cutting budgets on Capitol Hill [in the United States] and other capitals around the world.”

Bono has partnered with talk show host Jimmy Kimmel for his annual Shopathon special that airs Nov. 28. Kimmel and other celebrity guests act as home shopping channel hosts and ply their wares on Over the past two years, the Shopathon has raised $100 million for the charity.

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