Officials Cracking Down On Hecklers At The Masters

Fans who shout certain phrases at golfers during the Masters will be removed from the premises. An employee working security detail at Augusta National Golf Club told that staff members were handed a sheet containing banned words and phrases and were told to escort offending patrons immediately off-site. The … Read More

All Sports Golf Battle

And here, the boys play golf with soccer balls, lacrosse sticks, tennis rackets . . . everything but golf clubs. Incidentally, a round of golf without actual golf is the only way we find golf interesting. Well, that and mini-golf.

Golf X Cube

There is no shortage of high-tech ways to improve your golf game out there; just recently, we’ve featured an indoor golf simulator (weighing in between fifty and one hundred thousand bananas) and a gadget/app combo that tracks and maps your swing (and costs a mere hundred and fifty bucks). We’ve … Read More

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