Bugatti May Offer An SUV & Hybrid Powertrain

Everyone is jumping on the SUV bandwagon. Bugatti may join the ranks of its ultraluxury peers Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Maserati, and Aston Martin in the SUV arena, according to the brand’s president, Stephan Winkelmann. He revealed the news at the Paris auto show, reports Automotive News Europe. Winkelmann also shared that Bugatti is considering building hybrid engines.

The luxurious sports car manufacturer is mulling over various chassis and engine variants, including a sport-utility vehicle that would appeal to its billionaire clients, Winkelmann noted.

Bugatti, which is part of VW Group, is known for its flagship model, the Chiron. Earlier this week the carmaker debuted the $5.9 million Divo supercar in Europe. All 40 vehicles in its limited series immediately sold out. The Divo features a 1,500-hp engine and is 35kg lighter and has 90kg more downforce than the Chiron. Its maximum speed is 236 mph.

The Divo is road legal but has track-ready features. Its limited run makes it greatly appealing to ultrawealthy car enthusiasts who want to own a rare vehicle. But Bugatti isn’t being complacent.

“The brand is ready for more,” said Winkelmann. “The W-16 engine is at the core of the brand today, but it won’t remain the heart forever.”

Factors such as increasing trade restrictions and emission regulations are making it more difficult for car manufacturers, noted Automotive News Europe.

Winkelmann noted that if Bugatti expands its line, it must be done in an economical manner. In the past, VW Group has been known for its enormous engineering budgets.

“We need to come up with a convincing pitch to our shareholders that justifies the related investment,” said Winkelmann, who used to run VW Group Italian subsidiary, Lamborghini. He also noted that a hybrid engine “could be part of the future — you have considered social acceptance in terms of emissions.”

Ferrari recently announced that it was building a crossover vehicle. The Purosangue will be all-wheel drive, feature a double-clutch transmission, and will have five doors and a coupe-inspired shape.

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