More Is Calling: Meet LG’s Newest Phone, The LGV30

LG invited us out to their ‘More is Calling” party to celebrate their just-released LGv30 on October 20, and the impending arrival of the LG G6, coming to Canada on April 7.  The v30 is a follow-up to September’s Q6, and it features minimal bezels and sleek curves, with an emphasis on the visual aspect. At the 2017 IFA trade show in Berlin, the LG V30 won a staggering 26 awards, the most LG has ever won at IFA’s annual show. This innovative phone is really standing up against the rest, and making a name for itself in a world filled with iPhones and Samsungs.  Juno Cho, president of LG electronics mobile communications company says “it may just be the most beautiful smartphone we’ve ever developed.”

The camera add-ons and screen display feature impressive updates, such as a shorter, narrower FullVision display, and the new Crystal Clear Lens. The Crystal Clear Lens makes bright, clear shots more attainable than ever. It’s made of glass, which is , usually only found in higher end cameras. this glass delivers accurate, crisp colors way better than its traditional plastic lens competitor. You can even shoot like a pro with their Cine Video feature, which has 15 different presets, each emulating a different movie genre. Imagine the ability to pull out the rom com filter on a date, or a horror one when you’re messing around on a guys night. At their V30 launch event, they featured several selfie zones to showcase the advanced selfie features, which were consistently the centrepiece of the evening.

Every player in the smartphone world is trying to go as light as possible, and LG’s V30 is also excelling at that. It’s actually the lightest phone in the 6-inch and over smartphone category. Along with minimizing the clunky factor, it also features a comfy grip that won’t worsen your carpel tunnel or give you hand cramps, like many massive, screen-dominated phones do.

The model is simpler than an iPhone or Samsung (in an accessible, user-friendly way) and their strides in visual excellence have really put LG phones on our radar. They’re doing a great job at keeping up with competitive top brands in this new screen-centric world, and you can now buy the V30, which just released, at Bell, FIDO, rogers, TELUS, and more. We can’t wait to see the LG G6 phone, coming to Canada on April 7. Pre-orders on the G6 begin March 15, 2017 with select carriers.

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