Celebrity Bromances: More Than Just Companionship

For all men all around the world, it turns out you really aren’t that different from the high-profile A-listers that occupy headlines and magazine covers.

You know that friend you have? The best buddy that people-without knowing the two of you might consider you were in an intimate relationship with?  Well, sometimes the paparazzi and media think the same about certain celebs.

How about the time Obama and Trudeau had a dinner date, taking the restaurant just for the two of them to trash-talk Trump (we all know it) and the current USA affairs. Or the countless shenanigans Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have got themselves into. Oftentimes even creating a love triangle with Jimmy Kimmel on his show, and at award shows.

You’ve even got the “opposites attract” couple, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. One short, one tall. One built, the other, not built. But what they do have in common, is the boyish, sometimes juvenile humor and joking. Just look at the way they perk up around each other. Bromance at first sight.  And I mean, Seth Rogen and James Franco have been attached to each other since almost forever it seems, dating back to their TV show Freaks & Geeks.

Bromances and strong friendships are essential- not just for men, but for everyone-it’s someone you can rely on when times get tough, it’s someone that’s there for you when you’re looking for that second opinion. It’s-lets be honest-the wind that keeps you on course and keeps your motivated.

We don’t always open-up and reveal areas of our life that could use a little extra help, and these friendships rejuvenate our lives, and our connection to one another both mentally and emotionally.  When you’re with your bro, you should feel as if you’re in the tree of trust, free to speak your mind with nothing but support.

So don’t hide it, embrace it. From A-listers to friends you grew up with, show some bromance. The Prime Minister does.

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