Are Night Owls Smarter Than Morning People?

Early bird gets the worm, right?

Not necessarily. Although there are many studies suggesting the productivity benefits of “morning people”, it does not mean that early risers get all the benefits.

It’s Science – Mostly
According to an interview that Dr. Michael J.Breus did with Huffington Post, people have a “degree of preference for late nights or early mornings. Where an individual falls on this spectrum largely determines his or her chronotype — an individual disposition toward the timing of daily periods of activity and rest. Some of us are clearly “larks” — early risers — while others of us are distinctly night owls.” Dr. Breus also explains that being a night owl or a morning riser is dependent on many factors, such as genetic variations and brain structures. There is a correlation of successful people being early risers, but there are plenty of successful people who also enjoy sleeping in.

Some people are just not meant for waking up early, and that’s a fact. Forcing our bodies to adapt to an earlier schedule takes a toll on us, and may not be beneficial in the long run, as some find peace in working later hours as they are able to thrive in silence when the rest of your family may be asleep. In fact, an Italian study found those night owls tend to be more creative than early birds.
As a matter of fact, correlation does not equal causation. Being an early bird definitely has its perks, but it could also be the fact that most work times start around 8:30-9am, and favours the early risers. However, night owls have its perks as well, as they tend to be able to think outside the box and find more unconventional solutions.

What Should You Do?
You don’t need to categorize yourself as a night owl or a morning person because you probably already have a general idea. As a matter of fact – it’s about how you plan your daily schedules wisely. As long as you finish your projects efficiently and you are getting a good night’s rest (regardless of when you do go to bed), success will follow, and it’s not because of when your alarm goes off in the morning.

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