Cooking Gadgets For The Modern Man

Happy Boxing Day! It’s the best time to scour the internet (or mall, if you’re still into that sort of thing) for excellent, post-Christmas deals.  If there was ever a time to try out a product you weren’t sure about, today is the day.  It was once thought that kitchen gadgets and goodies were just for housewives – oh how we were sorely mistaken. Any guy would be hyped to have these in his home, and for good reason! These sleek items combine tech with your favourite food and drinks for the ultimate kitchen hacks that will make you the envy of all your guests.


Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Whilst there are coffee gadgets galore, this one is pretty cool. It will give you pure, cold-brewed coffee at the ideal temperature, without having to drop $4 a pop at the hipster cafe down the block. The stainless steel style looks sleek and is the cold alternative to a sexy espresso machine.


Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Not only does this magnificent breakfast sandwich maker make one sausage egg and cheese of your dreams, but it can make one for your partner or lazy roommate as well. This nom-creator will give you the perfect breakfast sandwich every time, instead of having to get one of those gross frozen ones from Starbucks.


Belgian Waffle Maker

With this Belgian waffle maker, you can forever pretend that you know how to cook restaurant quality meals (while this machine does it for you). Get amazing waffles every time thanks to the toaster-esque 6-setting browning control, knob and led ready indicator lights.  easy cleanup made possible by the non-stick coating


Electric Hot Air Fryer


Who doesn’t love fries? But how does one avoid attaining a dad bod and still hold on to this passion for deep fried foods? The obvious answer is an air fryer. You can eat delicious fried foods without indulging in the not-so-healthy fat and calorie content with this genius invention. Fries, veggie tempura, healthy fried Oreos…you name it.


Home Breadmaker, With Gluten Free Option


Having your own at-home bakery sounds pretty legit – and this one even has a gluten free option for celiacs and your health nut friends. It’s a subtle colour-way that can produce a 2 lb. loaf, and features dual kneading blades that will get you a mouthwatering loaf in 2 hours.


Wine Chiller Cellar


Ok, admittedly having a glass-door wine cooling rack is a great way to add a beautiful accent to your kitchen. but this free-standing fridge is also a great save spacing, vertical option that can store up to 12 bottles. It runs very quietly and features clean, simple lines. Winos, unite!



Ice Cream/FroYo/Sorbet Maker

At only 40 bucks, never having to buy ice cream, fro yo, or sorbet again sounds pretty appealing. Every night can be sundae night with this low-key model (available in black and white) that makes up to a quart and a half of ice cream. It features 6 programs, an included recipe book, and even a timer function so you can do your own thing while you wait.


Instant Pot


Everyone is raving about these this year, but it’s not just a passing fad. One of these guys has a whopping seven features (Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Sauté, Yogurt Maker and Warmer), as well as 14 smart programs.

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