Fly (Cheap!) Around The World This Summer

Flytrippers is offering Canadian travellers a real treat this summer with an around-the-world itinerary that will make you want to pack your bags today. The destinations include Hawaii, Australia, Singapore, Greece, and France, with airfare as low as $1,463 at press time.

The travel website has secured some flight deals at rock-bottom prices, and here’s an opportunity for you to take advantage of the around-the-world ticket package. Flytrippers designed the itinerary to prove that travel does not have to be expensive.

While the least expensive package starts in Montreal ($1,463), you can also travel from Ottawa ($1,492), Halifax ($1,576), Winnipeg ($1,589), Toronto ($1,613), Edmonton ($1,637), and Calgary ($1,650).*

Flytrippers notes that the itinerary is geared towards those who want to travel the world and “see many popular destinations in one epic journey.” The website offers other, even cheaper itineraries for those who are more budget minded and less interested in a global journey.

One possible caveat is the around-the-world journey takes place over a period of two months, from late June to late August. So, if you can’t take that much time off from work, it may not be the right trip for you. However, the website has options to make the trip shorter or longer.

The trip includes all taxes and mandatory fees; however, it doesn’t include baggage fees. Unless you’re able to pack everything you need for two months in a carry-on bag, you may need to pay a little extra for more luggage.

It’s worth noting that an around-the-world trip to five destinations from Montreal costs just $1,463, while some people will pay the same price to reach a single destination in Asia or Europe.

What about other expenses such as hotel rooms? There are ways to be a budget traveller if you do a little bit of research. The trip may not be as luxurious as you’d like, and you may have to travel light, but if you want to save some money, this is the way to do it.

This is the information for the $1,463 trip around the world from Montreal from June 25 to August 20:

  • Flight 1: Montreal to Paris, France – June 25 – $320
  • Flight 2: Paris to Athens, Greece – July 2 – $146
  • Flight 3: Athens to Singapore – July 9 – $254
  • Flight 4: Singapore to Sydney, Australia – July 29 – $157
  • Flight 5: Sydney to Honolulu, Hawaii – August 10 – $268
  • Flight 6: Honolulu to Montreal – August 20 – $318

Flytrippers recommends booking the trip sooner rather than later because the price of airline tickets can change rapidly. All flights are nonstop except for the final one, which has a short layover.


*prices at the time of writing, April 11/19

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