Houseplants You (Probably) Can’t Kill

Is your living room missing something, but you’re not quite sure what it is? Does your office feel more like a cell than a place of inspiration?  Most of us don’t get out into nature as much as we would like, but there’s a way you can bring the feeling of the outdoors into your everyday spaces, with indoor plants. That’s right, you’re a hardworking guy and you deserve to be surrounded by a fresh and uplifting environment.  You’d be surprised how something as simple as a plant can totally transform a desk or studio by adding life and fresh air to a dull space. There’s also a lot of satisfaction to be had from taking care of something and seeing it grow.

You might be under the impression that house plants are too much work, or you’re just too busy to take care of them, but you’re wrong.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a green thumb because there are plants out there that are (almost) immortal.


Succulents are attractive plants that are native to drought-prone areas. This means that they don’t need your undivided attention to thrive. Since they hold their own water, they need to be planted in a pot that drains with well-draining soil. These guys also like a lot of light, so put them in a sunny area. Give your succulents a large amount of water about once a week. Check the dryness of the soil to see if you need to adjust the time between watering, and you’re good to go.


For a long time, people thought bromeliads were only for expert gardeners with a greenhouse, but people are starting to realize this tropical plant is easily adaptable and very simple to care for. They come in so many colors and textures, and will really give your space a touch of the exotic. They are epiphytic in nature — which means they grow on other plants instead of soil – so put them in fast-draining soil or soil mixed with peat and sand. They will tolerate most light conditions. Give them water once every week during the growing seasons, and less in the winter. Never let them sit in standing Ivy

The ivy is a lush, classic looking plant that’s super easy to take care of once you know what they like. They come in a few varieties, but English ivy is the most common. Ivies love bright light, so choose a place near a window that gets good sun. Ivey likes to be kept a little dry, so remember to check the soil moisture before you water it. Make sure it has good drainage because they don’t like to sit in a pool of water. Your ivy will appreciate a periodic bath to remove dust that’s settled on its leave. Just take a damp cloth and give it a water, and you’ll have a happy, beautiful tropical plant.


The cactus is a sturdy and tough looking plant to have in your home. It’s so dependable you could even think of it as man’s best friend of the plant world. They are basically indestructible and come in a never-ending variety of shapes and sizes – some even look like they’re from another planet! The amount of water and light they need depends on the species, but they can go weeks without a drink. It really doesn’t get much simpler than a cactus.

wipe down every once in a while, and you’ll have a happy ivy.

Caring for houseplants can be simple, and always rewarding. Have fun picking out one of these easy to care for plants. Enjoy!



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