Lace Shorts for Men Are Actually a Thing

An LA-based company is selling an article of clothing men never knew they needed. The Lace Me Up collection by Hologram City features pink, yellow, and other pastel-colored, see-through lace shorts. In case you were wondering, they do not cover your Johnson (so underwear is a must), but they feature two side pockets.

Is this modern-day lingerie for men? Surely, some women (and men too) would get a kick out of it if they’re significant other came strolling into the bedroom sporting an item from this collection. Women wear lace all the time—is it time for men to start embracing it too?

The shorts would fit right in at the club or at the beach, and fans of the collection agree.  One person wrote on Instagram, “This one is perfect for summer days. So much ventilation.”

There has also been a request to add another color to the collection. A fashion fan noted, “A black version of this would totally give off that “How to Steal a Million” Audrey [Hepburn] look.”

As expected, not all comments about the collection have been positive. The owner of Hologram City defended its clothing line after being slammed for feminizing men: “I’ve been doing this for 10 years I’ve traveled the world and gotten paid for it doing what I do! I worked with so many talented artists/celebs/fashion industry people than you can dream of. I’ve been my own BOSS for years because of the ideas I have…One thing is to have an opinion but you talk about and spread hate!”

Before you dismiss this fashion trend, celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Kylie Jenner and Fergie have worn items from Hologram City’s mesh collection, and Jennifer Lopez’s backup dancers have also sported their designs.

Shorts from the Lace Me Up collection cost between $40 and $49. The company also offers matching t-shirts and collared shirts in case you interested in an entire lace outfit.

It seems that there’s a demand for clothing traditionally geared towards women. In May, a Kickstarter campaign for male rompers, called RompHim, went viral. Team ACED raised $361,845 for their “unique, fashionable, cool, and very wearable” male rompers. Their first run sold out in just one week.

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