James Patterson Releases Digital Book ‘The Chef’ On Messenger

Best-selling author James Patterson is giving readers a unique way to read his latest work of fiction, “The Chef.” The thriller was just released on Facebook Messenger.

While the physical book won’t be released until Feb. 18, 2019, those who use Messenger will be able to immerse themselves in the storyline, characters and locations through a series of interactive video and sound clips, reports Variety.

“The Chef” centers on New Orleans police detective Caleb Rooney, who is accused of committing murder while on duty. As Rooney attempts to prove his innocence he discovers a group of terrorists are a big threat to his hometown.

The Messenger-driven book is a compelling move for the writer, who has over 3.3 million followers on Facebook. Each month, over 1.3 billion people all over the world use Facebook Messenger.

“Ten years ago, if you told me I’d see one of my novels come to life through scrolling chat bubbles, video and audio content, I would have laughed,” Patterson said in a statement. “But exploring new ways to connect with fans is important to me and Messenger’s experience for ‘The Chef’ not only makes the story more accessible to readers across new generations but offers an enticing and thrilling read like never before.”

Patterson has sold more than 300 million copies of his books, which include the Alex Cross, Women’s Murder Club, and Private series. He was the first author to sell 1 million e-books and has topped Forbes list of highest-paid authors list several years in a row. He earns an estimated $90 million a year and has a net worth of $750 million.

To promote “The Chef,” Patterson will participate in Facebook Live Q&As. A Facebook group was created for the project, and profiles of the main characters will also be posted on Instagram.

It’s simple to get started. Visit Patterson’s Facebook page, click “Send Message” at the top, and then click “Get Started” in the Messenger app.

When we joined “The Chef” messenger thread, this was the first message we received:

“Early in 2018, FBI was notified of an impending terrorist plot in New Orleans.

In the following novel, you will relive the case alongside the main character.

Use the knife emoji to progress through the story. Review evidence as it is uncovered by swiping left through image carousels or tapping on videos and sound clips.

Let’s find out what kind of detective you really are.”

Let the adventure begin!


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