Laundry Room Reno Hacks: Mike Holmes Weighs In

April 15th is National Laundry Day, and no, we didn’t just make it up. Laundry plays a big role in all of our lives, and the corresponding role that is has in our homes should be recognized, rather than being tossed away in the hamper. It’s something that we put off after a hard week of work, so that means the energy and composition of the laundry room in your home (however big or small) needs to be on point. This way, laundry will evolve from the Doomsday you dread into something that brings you a little more peace of mind.

Fortunately, Canada’s favourite professional handyman and contractor has offered some wisdom that we can trust, thanks to years of expertise.

Planning, as with anything that needs to be executed well, is the first and most important part of the renovation. Learn how to plan well and allow for flexibility rather than pulling your hair out over potential delays and setbacks. This will lessen general stress and let you see the bigger picture more clearly, and in a more focused manner.

The next, which is a design tactic that can be applied to not just your laundry room but your living space as a whole, is the importance of multi-functionality. Multifunctional or ‘flex’ furniture that can be more than one thing has risen in popularity over the past couple of years, and for good reason.Think slide-out iron boards, pet nooks, shelving, storage and folding spaces, and even integration of a work or fitness space.

The perfect appliances are also an obvious necessity in terms of laundry room success, and focusing on functionality over aesthetic can be hard, but Mike doesn’t think you need to sacrifice one for the other. He suggests a pair like GE Appliances’ Designer Line Evolution that is handsome, well-engineered and reliable. Most importantly, they don’t retain moisture, a gross reality of many mold and mildew filled washers.

For flooring, don’t go with something fancy that will end up being high maintenance. Save that shiplap or decadent hardwood for a room that receives less wear and tear. Mike suggests a low-maintenance material like tile that’s easy to clean and durable.

And at the end of the day, even if it’s a DIY goal project of yours, put aside your ego and know that it’s completely fine to call a professional. Sometimes, getting in the trenches of puzzling plumbing and wiring issues isn’t heroic, it poses safety risks and expensive repairs down the road. Hopefully, after you implement these tips, you’ll hate laundry day a little less!

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