Male Friendships Are More Important Than You Think

They’ll make you laugh, they’ll make you cry, and they’ll eventually make you angry, upset or annoyed. But hey who doesn’t.

The friends you have now, the ones you’ve grown up with, the ones you’ve come to know, and the ones you haven’t met yet, have a profound impact on who you are, what you know and where you’re going.

The word tribe comes to mind. The ones who know you, who embrace you and instead of pushing you down, hold you up through thick and thin.

As we grow up and age, friends come and friends go. If you’re lucky, a lot of them stick around or that core few stay standing throughout the years but don’t be fooled it takes work- even if you’ve been friends since forever.

The ebbs and flows of friendship never end and it’s crucial they don’t. Friends keep you on your toes. They each have their own characteristics that force you to learn new things about life, how to deal with that one person in the group who’s forever “the flopper” constantly bailing on plans, the “only if everyone else goes” person, and the “down for anything” type person to name a few.

We all know them. We all have at least one in our lives. And having those friends teaches us how to deal with the same situations and scenarios in other areas of our lives even when they aren’t there. For the moments outside of the good times, laughs and cries of your personal relationships- you can thank those “moron” friends of yours for helping mould who you are and helping you to deal with the other people you’ve encountered in life.

They’ve allowed you to grow, to be yourself at your worst, and to act on total impulse for the good, and the horrible. They help in constructing your reality, your world.

And being in such close proximity even when they might be far away, can help create a system of goals of ones you either aspire to go towards, or distance yourself from. Having those friends means more and affects more areas of your life than most things.

They’re the people you can always go back to. The ones you don’t have to pretend in front of. The ones you can let your inhibitions disappear in front of. The ones you can share, learn, grow and fail with.

Whether you’re married or not- friends are your therapists, your motivators, your teachers, your equals, your comrades, your party partners and the people that keep you, you.

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