Why You Need To Keep Inventing And Keep Things Exciting

We can all name off a list of memorable and successful brands. Chances are you’re wearing a handful of them at this very moment.

Whether it’s a brand, a brick and mortar retail location, a band, actor, or even your relationship- almost anything and everything- it has to continue to innovate and invent to remain relevant and exciting. Nothing stays the same. Nothing.

Amazon is getting into storefronts. Facebook bought Instagram. McDonald’s offers more health-conscious options now more than ever before, and not that long ago Natrel had a milk bar.

The list of examples is long, however, two specific examples stand out in terms of long-lasting brands doing something new, exciting and memorable.

Firstly, the collaboration between Vans and Peanuts. Both brands have been around for a very long time and it seems that there are equal benefits for them. For Peanuts though, building on everything that we love about it, celebrating it in a different form present day as well as our nostalgia towards it, gives the brand a serious boost.


It’s a fresh way to position Peanuts, and they did it with a company (Vans) that has the right audience and product to keep it fun and relevant.

The second example is Oh Henry’s “Crack A Wrapper”.



Halloween is any candy manufacturers Christmas, with sales peaking around that October time. There have been all kinds of ideas and positioning strategies from candy companies to capitalize on sellable moments and in terms of timing or theme they can all be grouped together.

“Crack A Wrapper” however not only re-imagines the normal packaging for any candy or chocolate bars, but it also re-framed occasions for it and the season to sell them.

It doesn’t matter the brand, the person or the reputation, to keep it alive and standing for the next 5, 10, 15 years, innovation and a constant pushing of boundaries is required. If you don’t think so, look at Soundcloud.


And whether it’s a brand, or you’re looking at things from a relationship perspective, things need to be kept up. Maintained. You need to hold onto that flare for life because it’s probably what made you and your partner or you and your friend-gravitate towards one another.

And hey, if I’ve been eating regular Oh Henrys for most of my life without any changeup, or moment of excitement to re-invigorate my love for them, I might just go and try out something new- so don’t be afraid to stumble out of your comfort zone every now and then, you might even like it.


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