New LinkedIn Salary Tool Could Make You More Money

Are you thinking about furthering your career by finding a new job? Whatever your motivation is for moving on, LinkedIn has created a new tool that could potentially help you earn more money.

Salary is one of the biggest factors in job seeking. It’s the number-one career motivator and one of the first things people want to know when applying for a new position. And many businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of pay transparency. According to LinkedIn, 25 percent of talent pros report their businesses are transparent about salary.

LinkedIn now has a new tool for Canadian, U.S. and U.K. users. It will display personalized insights about jobs where you could earn more money. Personalized insights is intended to deliver “the tools you need to make informed decisions about your earning potential.”

To access personalized insights, users must fill in their salary info in the LinkedIn salary tool. The professional networking service’s salary tool features up-to-date information about the factors that influence the way you’re paid. It allows you to “have more informed conversations” and increases transparency.

LinkedIn has some tips for getting the most out of its salary tool. First, research other professionals in your industry with the same role to find out what they’re getting paid. Talk to people in your network and compare your skills and the number of years of experience.

Next, be prepared to have a solid salary number that you can present to employers. Back it up with your skills and accomplishments. Use the tool to see how factors such as education and past experience relate to salary.

Also, since salary is greatly related to job satisfaction, be prepared to give a counter offer if an employer offers less than what you want. Prepare information to explain why you deserve a certain salary.

It’s also important to reach out to your professional contacts for help and to make introductions. According to LinkedIn, 70 percent of employees are hired at companies in which they have a personal connection.

And if you’re thinking of changing careers, check out the 15 “Most Promising Jobs” compiled by LinkedIn with their median base salary:

  • Site Reliability Engineer, $200,000
  • Enterprise Account Executive, $182,000
  • Machine Learning Engineer, $182,000
  • Cloud Architect, $155,00
  • Solutions Architect, $139,000
  • Product Marketing Manager, $134,000
  • Data Scientist, $130,000
  • Engagement Manager, $130,000
  • Product Designer, $121,500
  • Information Technology Lead, $121,000
  • Product Manager, $121,000
  • Solutions Consultant, $110,000
  • Scrum Master, $103,000
  • Product Owner, $101,000
  • Customer Success Manager, $88,500
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