People Are Freaking Out Over Nova Scotia Wine ‘4 Skins’

When it comes to marketing a product it’s very important to come up with a name that resonates. A Nova Scotia company did just that and more with a very unusual, and provocative, name for its wine.

Jost’s 4 Skins is making headlines after a Twitter user posted a photo of the bottle on the page You Had One Job with the caption: “Are you sure you want to call it that?”

People on social media couldn’t decide whether the moniker was a mistake or picked on purpose.

“That’s what we call a ‘miss’,” one person wrote.

Another added: “Based on that logo this can’t be anything other than intentional.”

If you look closely at the photo on the bottle, you’ll see that the grapes are stacked in a position that can be misconstrued as sexual. And that’s the whole point.

According to the company, it’s “more than just a cheeky name.” The beverage includes four different types of grapes—Castel, Marechal Foch, Leon Millot, and Lucie Kuhlmann (the four skins).

The award-winning drink is touted as “a deeply satisfying wine with a rich ruby hue and a long and pleasurable finish.”

You see what they did there?

Jost ferments the grapes in their skins. The Castel grapes have a raisin/dried fruit flavour, while the Marechal Foch grapes have a hint of blackberry, dark cherry, and plum aromas. The Leon Millot grapes bring hints of sour cherry and raspberry to the wine, and the Lucie Kuhlmann grapes add chocolate and coffee notes.

The wine is available at Jost’s winery store in Malagash as well as the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation, New Brunswick Liquor Corporation, Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation, Prince Edward Island Liquor Control Commission, Bishop’s Cellar, Harvest Wines and Spirits, Rockhead Wine & Beer Market and Cristall Wine Merchants. It costs $19.99.

Jost isn’t the only brand that has experimented with a “cheeky” name. Another Twitter user commented:  “I used to work at a pub that had fried potato skins on the menu, served 4 at a time. The landlord made exactly the same mistake on the menu.”

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