Price Of Rare Star Wars Toy Expected To ‘Skyrocket Into Orbit’

Experts predict a rare Star Wars toy set to go up for auction early this summer in England will “easily” sell for considerably more than its $600 guide price.

The Tie Bomber from The Empire Strikes Back is a die cast metal toy that was stored in a loft for almost four decades. Hansons Auctioneers in Derbyshire, England, predict the price will “skyrocket into orbit,” reports the South Florida Reporter.

The “Authentic Imperial Spacecraft” is contained in its original box and has remained untouched for nearly 40 years. The Etwall-based auction house lists its price at £250-£350 (CAD$433-$600). However, it’s expected to sell for considerably more than that.

Last year, 60 vintage Palitoy Star Wars toys sold for over three times as much as their original estimates of £2,000-£3,000.

The owner of the Tie Bomber, who chooses to remain anonymous, is a 77-year-old from Coalville, Leicestershire. He/she noted: “My son used to like Star Wars and I often bought toys home for him. For some reason, this one was never opened, and I found it in the loft. If I bought it in 1983 it’s been there for 36 years.”

It’s an exciting find, particularly for those in the auction business.

“The Tie Bomber is the rarest of the die-cast Stars Wars toys and few have survived in their sealed boxes,” explained Steve Fulford, a toy expert at Hansons.

“The toy was only released in America and in relatively small numbers. Around 75,000 were made. The spacecraft appeared for a few seconds in The Empire Strikes Back, and it’s thought its minor role in the film led to poor sales and the cancellation of the product in 1981.

“It’s amazing to find one but it should be no surprise it’s turned up in Coalville. It was once home to the Palitoy factory, which produced Star Wars toys and the owner of the item used to work there.

“With the huge demand for Star Wars toys Hansons has witnessed in the last 12 months, the price could skyrocket into orbit.”

The auction will take place on June 20.

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