Pursuit Top Headphone Picks of 2017

There’s a pair of headphones or earbuds for any occasion, every style, and every personality, and the latest releases not only attest to that fact but also offer the next generation of audio experience.

Whether you’re buying for yourself, or as a gift this holiday season, know that Pursuit has you covered on the best devices to enter the market. Here are four examples, in the categories of athletic, gaming, style and sporty:



If you have an active workout regimen, and looking for sturdy cord-free earbuds to enjoy music and take calls, the new 2017 Jabra Elite Sport is designed for you.

The company touts the product as “the most technically advanced true wireless sports earbuds”. That might a tall claim, but Jabra has always built its reputation on high-quality audio products, and this one’s no different.

With Jabra Elite Sport, what’s impressive is that the buds stay secure in the ear, the sounds stay clear, and the controls become more and more intuitive.

With the primary earbud, the user can take calls, play/stop music tracks, and toggle the Jabra Sports Life app. The secondary earbud enables the user to modify volume or skip tracks or activate Siri or Google Now.

The breakthrough cool factor includes its in-ear heart rate monitor, allowing the user to coordinate their workout with apps like RunKeeper, Runtastic, Strava, etc.

Speaking of apps, you can patch the device to the Jabra Sport app as an option to monitor activity, training plans, and workout regimens. But you do not need to use the app to use the device.

There’s also the long lasting battery – up to a 13-hour charge – that makes it perfect not just for extended workouts, but if you wish, an all-day wearing experience. Additionally, there’s a rapid-charge function that can give you an hour of use, for a 15-minute plug-in.

But Jabra didn’t stop there. They’ve made a highly water-resistant device that means you can put these puppies on after a shower or post-swimming, or drip yourself silly with sweat, and you’ll have no issues. To support this fact, Jabra boasts a three-year warranty if the set shorts out, due to sweat or water exposure.

The Jabra Elite Sport sells for about $150



For the serious gamer in you, there’s the just-released 1More Spearhead VR Gaming headphone.

Designed to enhance audio for all entertainment needs – not just virtual reality games or devices – these headphones feature noise cancelling technology to remove background noise. They are tough but light, using a zinc alloy at the hinges for durability and a stainless steel frame with a cushioned headband to fit all sizes comfortably, and over the course of a long time.

It’s simple to adjust your volume, microphone, and other sound features without ever taking your eyes off your game. All volume and balance controls are on the headset, and a right-click function enables you to change the sample rate, adjust the equalizer, or even enable surround sound. For voice chat while gaming, the headphones feature Xear Voice Clarity which offers stellar clarity and quality voice chat.

The graphene diaphragm offers extreme detail, producing ultra-realistic and penetrating audio quality ideal for games, entertainment, and music. Also, 7.1 channel surround sound contributes to an incredibly realistic entertainment experience.



1More Spearhead VR Gaming headphone retails for $150.



Mpow H1 Bluetooth Headphones have been recently released. They are over-ear, comfortable, lightweight headphones with a built-in mic that can be used wired or wirelessly. While they take around two hours to charge, they do offer 20 hours of play on a full charge. When the battery gets low, you can continue enjoying your high-quality audio with the included 3.5mm cable.

The headphones come with a carrying case for easy storage and weigh half a pound, making them a great portable design. The over-the-ear pads provide an immersive listening experience, as well as comfort. All necessary controls like volume, track change, play, and pause are easily adjustable on the headphones themselves and the built-in microphone allows for hands-free calling.


Retails for about $40.



Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) wireless headphones deliver exactly what you’d expect from Bose, the industry leader, in terms of performance and technology. The volume-optimized EQ means that the sound is always true and clear, no matter what volume you are listening to it, and the dual mic with noise-rejecting technology ensures clear calls no matter where you are. The new Action button uses a noise cancelling technology that allows you to choose exactly how much outside noise you want to hear.

Made from premium materials, these headphones are soft, comfortable, and built for all-day listening. Which is great, since the battery life allows for up to 20 hours of listening.

These smart, multi-functional headphones also allow you to personalize your device, share music with other compatible Bose headphones, manage Bluetooth connections, and always have access to the latest software updates through the downloadable app: Bose Connect.


Retails for $350.

So, there you have it; different price points, varying niches of headphones/earbuds, and now you’re armed with all the information you need to purchase your brand new audio device.


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