Seven Things You Must Have Before 2018

Don’t hate us for mentioning this, but gift-giving season is around the corner. With it, come the obligatory lists of latest trends, awesome stuff, and new products that are “must haves.”

Here at Pursuit, we’ve corralled the coolest of the cool, because we are on the pulse of everything cool. And we want you to be cool, too.

And so, these suggestions fall under the category of “stuff I want to buy myself before I blow my wad on other people” or “stuff I’m going to hint at for the few six weeks, so other people can buy it for me.”

Here are seven things you’ll want this Christmas (or sooner):


1. Two awesome apparel items were featured at the recent second annual Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada (ATSC): flip ties, and ultra-cozy Italian underwear.

Ties that just say “wow,” come from the ShengZhou Heruid Garment Company, who creates the chic cotton “flip tie” – where either side of the tie can be used. It’s handy when you want to change it up from day to day, and not have to buy a whole other tie, or simply to switch if you’ve accidentally dripped some of your latte on one of the sides. In Canada, these revolutionary ties are available at Tip Top and Winners.


2. And going from the top of the body to the bottom, it’s time we all paid attention to Leonisa, the Columbian garment company. They make underwear, boxers, briefs and trunks for dudes who love comfort and style.  They use high-quality soft DuraFit fabric, a markedly different feel than your typical rough materials from off-the-rack department store underwear. Plus, the underwear includes an in-woven middle pouch that comfortably holds “the boys” in place. So, no more “ride ups”, needless shifting, or chafing. Totally worth it.



3. Also in the apparel department, the recent IncentiveWorks convention featured the revolutionary Icebreaker line: men’s merino wool tops, underwear, and pants.

The latest innovations are the jacket series – Helix, Hyperia Lite and Stratus X, perfect for chilly weather, skiing, snowshoeing or outdoor hiking.

Their signature insulation is made from MerinoLOFT – high-quality New Zealand sheep wool – that helps regulate temperature, and ensures a long-term comfortable feel.  The any-season Sphere Long Sleeve Hood features its Cool-Lite fabric, blending merino wool with natural Tencel and nylon, making it consistently strong, durable, and soft. In addition to super high quality and unparalleled comfort, the entire Icebreaker line has “stylish” written all over it.



4. Just-launched in 2017 is the Seahorse Salt company out of Chicago, with their handmade smoked sea salt. These folks don’t use fake “liquid smoke”, but the real deal: the salt is actually put on a fire. So this is true smoked salt, not “smoke flavour.” Impress your friends – tell them you’ve found a tasty new spice to add to steak, chicken, fish, and burgers.



5. From Bezalel comes the Latitude case, and wireless Omnia phone charger.  Sick of having to always plug in your phone when the

battery’s low? I was able to effortlessly charge my phone in the car with Omnia. It charged quickly, which is a good feature when driving, because you may not always be in the car for a long drive. I liked that the remote charger case was lightweight, and the strong magnet allows the Omnia to securely hold your smartphone in place.



6. Now that the harsh weather’s going to smack your face, you should use Stoüt Face Care’s “all-in-one” antioxidant natural face defense cream.

Stoüt contains moisturizers to hydrate and repair the skin and antioxidant protection against pollution and the effects of aging. Plus, it’s chemical-free, so that means no crap like phthalates, parabens, and oxybenzone.



Cool factor: it contains some ingredients that, in combination, are excellent to repair damaged skin: Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Sesame, Shea Butter, Hemp Seed, Evening Primrose, Sea Buckthorn, Grape Seed, and Vitamin E.  It’s available at select natural grocery retailers across Canada and online at and

7. Also in the category of grooming, comes the latest from Conair: “The Ultimate Shave Kit”. They tout it as an innovative three-in-one tool that includes all of the accessories needed for the best grooming experience. If you’re looking for a new shaver or looking to upgrade, this is the latest and greatest.

It comes equipped with a triple rotary shaver head attachment that contours to the shape of the face for a close, even shave; and a trimmer attachment for touch-ups around the face. Other key qualities include a five-minute quick charge feature, allowing for a full charge in 90 minutes and providing 50 minutes of runtime.


Happy shopping, and happy holidays!

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