Pursuit’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

About a month left to the holidays – and you’ve still not gotten gifts?! Well, lucky for you, Pursuit will save you valuable time in deciding what to get. A few key suggestions for kickass Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwaanza) gifts: DRINK Grab the gift pack featuring the sparkling Jackson-Triggs … Read More

Fathers Day 2018

Pursuit’s Father’s Day Gift Guide #1

Pursuit’s definitive Father’s Day Gift Guide 2018 is here, offering ideas for any and every price range, for any and every kind of Dad. (PS: Father’s Day is June 17!) Experiences: Ctrlv.ca is a new kind of 21st-century video arcade, viewed through virtual reality goggles and played with handheld controls. … Read More

Seven Things You Must Have Before 2018

Don’t hate us for mentioning this, but gift-giving season is around the corner. With it, come the obligatory lists of latest trends, awesome stuff, and new products that are “must haves.” Here at Pursuit, we’ve corralled the coolest of the cool, because we are on the pulse of everything cool. … Read More

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