The World’s Most Popular Beers (A Few May Surprise You)

In 2017, beer drinkers spent a whopping $661 billion on their favourite alcoholic beverage, with giant brewing companies responsible for nearly 50 percent of global beer consumption.

But which beers are most popular? Four of the top 10 are Chinese beers—many of which you may not recognize—while three are American brands.

Check out 2017s’ top 10 best-selling beers as reported by VinePair:

  1. Snow (China)

You’ve probably never tasted Snow because the brand is only sold in China. It was also the top-selling beer of 2016 and 2017. Last year, distributors sold an incredible 101.2 million hectoliters of the brand. This is more than twice as much as the second beer brand on the list.

  1. Budweiser (US)

The King of Beers is not as popular as Snow, but it’s still a well-known favourite. Budweiser, a pale lager produced by Anheuser-Busch, is available in 80 global markets and is made in breweries around the world. Budweiser fans consumed approximately 49.2 million hectoliters last year.

  1. Tsingtao (China)

Coming in at a close third is Tsingtao, which sold about 49 million hectoliters of beer in 2017. The beer is produced in Qingdao in Shandong province and was originally the product of German settlers.

  1. Bud Light (US)

This light lager is hugely popular in both America and abroad. With an estimated 44.8 million hectoliters sold in 2017, it’s popular enough to be ranked in the top five beer sales.

  1. Skol (Brazil)

While Skoll is one of Brazil’s most popular beers and is primarily produced in the country, the AB InBev-owned brand was initially conceived in Africa.

  1. Heineken (Netherlands)

The Netherlands-based brewer sold an estimated 34.3 million hectoliters of beer last year. The brand has been diversifying recently by launching Hi-Fi Hops, a THC-infused sparkling water. It also purchased a British brewer and inked a $300 million deal with a Chinese brewery.

  1. Harbin (China)

Last year, Harbin delivered an estimated 29.9 million hectoliters of beer. Billed as China’s oldest brewery, Harbin is part of the Anheuser-Busch InBev group.

  1. Yanjing (China)

Yanjing, known for its pale lagers, is experiencing intense prosperity, growing its revenue 9 percent between 2017 and 2018, for a total of $850 million. That’s not bad for a company founded in 1980.

  1. Corona (Mexico)

Last year, the top American beer import was Corona. The Mexican beer company sold an estimated 28.8 million hectoliters worldwide.

  1. Coors Light (US)

Coors Light is both the second best-selling beer stateside as well as the tenth top-selling beer brand in the world.


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