Ultimate Beard Grooming Secrets

With cold weather making its way into our lives, the air is sucking all the moisture out of our skin and hair. Already patchy or frizzy beards will feel the struggle, and if you don’t naturally have a luscious face mane, chances are that you’ll need to give your strands a little more love if you’re looking for that seamless seasonal transition. Use these tips to make sure your beard grooming game is intact and you have whiskers that are worthy for cuffing season!

Beard oil

An oil is so vital. Oil-free beards will go brittle and shed all over the place, and whoever you’re sharing a bed with might not be so appreciative of that. Beard oil maintains moisture and protects it from damage that occurs due to harsh weather and other factors. Sometimes, our natural oils need a little help from a friend! You can keep it DIY with coconut or jojoba oil, or try one of our favorites like this.

Beard Balm

Similarly, invest in a balm with weather-proof hold! This would be more difficult in a DIY manifestation, and a possibly very sticky situation. A well-made balm will give you subtle hold (no crunchiness, like a gel), and if you have issues with stray hairs running away, a solid balm such as this will help you avoid that whole “Revenant” inspired wildman look.


Take a biotin supplement! It’s been known to make hair and nails stronger, but some might have side effects, so check it out on a trial basis at first. If that’s not your jam, you can always eat food that has naturally high levels of biotin, or go for an all-natural herbal supplement.


A comb will help brush out strays, untangle, and help beard oils (natural and additional) distribute evenly and coat all the hair shafts. It can also help to strategically cover up patchy parts, which is necessary at certain stages of growth. You’ll also need one of these when you trim. Make sure you purchase a comb with a wide-toothed option, like this, rather than one that is only fine-toothed.

Follow the lines of your face

This might sound redundant, or you might not know what we’re talking about, but we’re just referring to the direction in which you cut your hairs. It’s optimal to trim vertically and downwards first, and then horizontally, to do the final shaping touches. If you start horizontally, you might make your beard too round, or too straight, and not be able to tweak it later on.

If you don’t already, condition your beard!

Ok, we know that we beat the oil bandwagon into your brain, but moisture really is the most effective way to keep your beard in check, especially when that winter air comes and knocks the breath out of us! If your existing conditioner is natural and nutritious, just apply that to your beard. And some balms have leave-in conditioner. But avoid cheap ingredients ending in sulfate or paraben – they’re really damaging to hair of all types. You can always get a beard-specific conditioner, like this

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