Vancouver’s Dinner In The Sky Offers Breathtaking Views

If you’re in the mood for a unique dining adventure, look no further than Dinner in the Sky Canada. The good news is that the experience will unquestionably be unlike anything you’ve ever done before; the bad news is you’ll have to wait until the weather gets warmer to be a guest.

What makes the Vancouver restaurant so unique is that guests are served gourmet food and cocktails while suspended over 100 feet above the ground. The atmosphere enables patrons to satisfy their appetites while being treated to incredible 360-degree views of the surrounding area.

Dinner in the Sky Canada served guests for three months last summer and featured “Sky Chefs,” including renowned Executive Chef Ned Bell, who created dishes that were “inspired by the most recent trends in modern cuisine.” Experienced mixologists and sommeliers also took part to ensure that guests received the finest drinks to complement their meals.

Twenty-two patrons are allowed at a given time, and a safety lead is also present to make sure proper precautions are followed. Diners are comfortably secured in rotating and reclining chairs that allow them to soak in the sky-high atmosphere. The suspended venue featured several breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner timeslots, which frequently sold out.

Solo diners are also invited to take part. When one potential guest expressed interest in going without a companion, Dining in the Sky promised: “Our amazing team is super fun and will be sure to take care of you.”

Pre- and post-dining beverages, appetizers and desert are served in a reception lounge. Guests are lifted to the table via a 200-foot crane.  Safety is paramount to the crew involved in Dinner in the Sky, which has been operating its unique restaurants in over 40 countries for more than a decade. There has never been a safety-related incident at any of its venues.

There are some restrictions. Adults must accompany guests under age 18, and guests weighing more than 330 pounds are not permitted. Experiences range from 30 to 60 minutes, and the prices range from $149 to $569, depending on which option you choose.

Since the restaurant is only open in the spring and summer, you’ll have to wait a few months before you can make a reservation for this truly unique dining experience. The company noted on Instagram that it is currently planning its schedule for 2019. They will post updated information on their website and through social media.

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