Are White Supremacists Really Racially “Pure?”

“America to white nationalists is a place of blood and spirit. The place is the soil. The blood is European, and the spirit is one of conquest and empire.”

This could be perceived as a mission statement for those who proudly claim their heritage as that of the Aryan race. It is interesting that the term Aryan, “Originates from the root “Arya,” which was the ethnonym, the Indo-Iranians used for themselves.”The history of the word in describing a people, goes far beyond (what is today), European boundaries.

More and more white (nationalists) are using commercial DNA kits to determine their genetic ancestry. This group is using DNA testing “to create different categories by which we can mark inclusion and exclusion in American citizenship,” says sociology researcher Joan Donavan, of the Data and Society Research Institute. This is an incorrect way to use the testing, possibly even dangerous.

Not only can these kits, at times, be scientifically unreliable, the ramifications of this testing as a tool, for those who deem themselves as a“superior” race, becomes “us against them.” A skewed view of the world.

Recently, well-known white supremacist Craig Cobb agreed to a DNA test on an American daytime talk show. The results showed Mr. Cobb is 86% European and14% Sub-Saharan African.

Needless to say, Mr. Cobb dismissed the results, calling them “statistical noise,” meaning that such a small percentage of African blood makes the results null and void. It begs the question, is there anyone who is pure of one race? Many of us would agree that there is diversity of identity in all groups.

This is very much a selling point for sites such as, which features individuals expressing their pride in discovering parts of their heritage they had no idea existed. It is interesting to uncover the many reasons culturally diverse groups do use DNA testing.

Ms. Donavan, as well as others recently completed a two-year study on how African Americans use this testing in order to understand their family heritage, and where their family members may have come from.  Much of the documentation of the slave trade has been destroyed over time, so this can be a valuable tool.

“Stormfront,” is the oldest online internet forum and first major racial hate site. They prefer the term “white nationalist” over “white supremacist,” as they refer to it as the “new voice of the white minority.” Their dogma is “imbedded in a politics of America and a politics of place.” Nationalism is an important aspect as to how the “study links to DNA testing, as they mark you by region, says Ms. Donovan.”

Within the white national movement, they believe there should be no racial mixture between populations.They cling to genocidal ideations and seek out places only white people can live. The problem is, there is a very high percentage of the white population, that is not entirely white. What are they to do? Turn on each other?

This is a test