5 Workday Timehacks

It’s not easy working a 9-5. As you countdown the days and hours to the weekend, the day often gets to the point where it is hard to focus. Sometimes, productivity goes out the roof if you want to get that big project done and also go home on time for dinner.

We’ve compiled five quick time management productivity hacks that will make you work smarter, not harder.

1. No Screens in the Morning
It’s pretty tempting to check emails right when you wake up or watch the morning news, but it is extremely distracting and time-wasting. Not being inundated with facts and questions will allow you to have a better, more focused attitude to start your day.

2. Use Idle Time for Miscellaneous Tasks
For those of you who transit to work or wait in line for your morning coffee, use that time wisely by planning out your day and sorting out miscellaneous chores. Did you need to book a dentist appointment or a reservation at a restaurant? How about remembering to text back your friend to confirm for after work drinks? This is the perfect time to get those minor tasks out of the way.

3. Ditch the Bottom Two Tasks on Your To-Do List
Many of you are plagued with a never-ending to-do list. Are there items that have been sitting there forever but never actually gets done? Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate and get rid of them entirely. If it is not urgent and not important, it’s fine to just scrap it in favour for more important tasks.

4. Start Saying No
Is there a project or meeting that your colleague wants you in on but you’re really not feeling it? Learn to say no to projects you are not passionate about or is not an efficient use of your time. Unless if it is absolutely needed or urgent, sometimes saying no saves you the time, and saves your colleagues a team member that will lack motivation.

5. Block Out Break & Lunch Times, Formally
It’s a common thing to miss your lunch or skip a break when trying to meet a deadline. However, being fuelled and well rested is imperative for work productivity, so make sure you block the time out in your calendar to make time for winding down. In addition, your coworkers will be mindful that you are on pause, so they will not try to book any meetings during that time period.

Being productive often just means adding little things to your routine to make the days easier and more efficient. By adopting the tips we have shared and also maintaining a healthy diet and getting a good night’s rest and exercise, the workweek will be a breeze.

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