Women Want More Sex Than Men Think: Survey

New research found that nearly 60 per cent of women in a relationship wish they were having more sex – while only 40 per cent of men feel the same.

This contradicts the stereotype that it’s men who are always craving more sex and women who would prefer long romantic dinners and snuggling to actually getting it on. For these findings, researchers surveyed over 2,380 people in long-term relationships about their sex lives and drives.

The most striking conclusion they revealed was that 59 per cent of the female participants said they wanted to have more sex than were currently having. And it wasn’t just that some of the spark had gone out of the relationship – which should affect both partners equally. Only 41 per cent of the men surveyed said that they were unsatisfied with the frequency of sex in their relationship.

One fifth (21 per cent) of the couples said that the lack of sex leads to arguments, and 34 per cent also complained that a “lack of adventurousness” in bed was a problem in their relationship.

Participants were also asked what they missed most about the “honeymoon phase” of their relationship.

The most common lament of long-term couples is that they wish they “did more spontaneous things together” (36 per cent). Secondly, couples complained that they fought a lot less (33 per cent) when they started dating.

The most common fights couples say they have?

    – Money and finances (25 per cent)
    – Lack of sex (21 per cent)
    – Not spending enough quality time together (20 per cent)

To sum up. Most women surveyed say that they want more sex than they are having in their relationship. Couples are fighting over money, lack of sex and lack of quality time together. The simple solution: save money by staying in and getting it on.

Save your relationship. I’m pretty sure that counts as ‘quality time.’ It’s a win-win – especially if you can be spontaneous and adventurous about it.

(Oh, and in case you missed it, here is the best time of day to have sex.)

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