The Best Time to Start a Side Hustle

I’m sure you know someone with a side-hustle. They’re an Uber driver, a social influencer, or maybe a DJ?

Within the last 5-7 years, “side-hustle” has become a buzzword no longer reserved for someone with “2 jobs”. It’s turned into a term associated with unwavering motivation, intellect, creativity, success, culture, and passion.  It’s for the people trying to make an opportunity out of passion, making fun out of work, and making full-time out of part-time.

Some of the most thriving and noteworthy brands were built on side-hustle. Facebook, Apple, Instagram, Tinder, Uber- and it isn’t just restricted to tech companies. From the art and design community to the real estate moguls, people are channeling their energy and passion to create and start something new.  By day, their bread and butter – by night, working on their passion to help bring it to life. And with resources for crowdfunding like Kickstarter, the barriers to overcoming the challenges of making dreams reality has never been easier.

The brands mentioned above started out in their garages. Lots of DJs and musicians started in dingy clubs and before that, their basement, playing to an audience of 4-walls. But inch by inch, piece by piece and day by day they planted the seed of side-hustle and watched it grow into opportunity.  If you believe in yourself, you put in the time to hone your craft and skill, others will notice and give you the chance to do it professionally.

Nothing comes easy, but when you’re working at it, you can build something from nothing. The age of having one primary skill or job has vanished. Side-hustle is a part of mainstream culture and has influenced the global economy and job market.

There’s no better time than now to pursue your dreams and turn your hobby into an opportunity. With passion, skill, and time, there’s no better way to realize the potential of doing what you love, taking a side-hustle, and transforming it into your main-hustle.  The rewards speak not only to professional growth but personal and spiritual as well. Bringing something to life, the pride, confidence, and inspiration that radiates from it is a positive and uplifting feeling.

There are more jobs, more opportunity, more technology, and more hustle than ever before, so plant the seed, and get watering.

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