Canadians Are Worse Drivers Than We Think

Nearly fifteen percent of Canadian drivers surveyed admit to getting it on behind the wheel, but nearly all of us say we’re ‘good drivers.’

A new survey came out this week revealing that while the vast majority of Canadians (95 per cent) consider ourselves to be good drivers, we simultaneously (and ironically) admit to a fair amount of bad habits behind the wheel.

For example, almost four-fifths or Canadians (79 per cent) surveyed say that they would be willing to give up texting, checking their phone, or making calls while driving in exchange for a rebate on their insurance. To say nothing of the fact that distracted driving now causes more accidents than being drunk, and you could kill yourself or someone else. No, we’d consider stopping doing it for a rebate on our insurance.

And 95 per cent of us are ‘good’ drivers.

Of course, we are.

However, three in 10 drivers admit to having driven through a red light (31%) and disobeyed road signs (29%). If those road signs include posted speed limits, I would suggest that the number should be considerably higher.

Notably and perhaps most harzardly, nearly fifteen per cent of Canadian respondents (14 per cent to be precise) say that they have “engaged in romantic activities while driving.” Obviously, they don’t mean reciting sonnets or singing power ballads. (Nope, a separate 54 per cent of us say we like to sing while driving.)

This ‘romantic’ 15 per cent are getting it on behind the wheel. (Of a moving car.) And 95 per cent of us are good drivers. This is just further proof that driving lowers people’s IQ.

Who doesn’t like getting it on? Of course, you do. Wait until you get home. (Or if you’re a teenager, find a secluded place to park like normal people.)

Oh, and in other ‘Do That at Home’ news, a further three per cent of people surveyed say that they floss behind the wheel. Gross.

The news isn’t all bad. Most of us (96 per cent of Canadians surveyed) say that we wouldn’t steal somebody else’s parking space.

Stay safe out there, people. This evidence further confirms that lot of drivers on the road aren’t nearly as good at it as they think they are.

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