The most employable (and unemployable) university degrees right now

Wondering who gets hired the fastest? A new survey of the career success of thousands of recent university graduates reveals how they’re managing on the job market.

“A degree is not just a degree – what that degree is in can make a big difference in your future career prospects,” said Andrew Grauer, founder and CEO of Course Hero, the online learning platform that conducted the study.

Almost half (40 per cent) of the grads surveyed had a job lined up before by the time they left school. The odds of success on the job market were significantly better for those who majored in Architecture and Planning and Engineering with at least half of graduates finding in their field by the time they finished school.

The degrees that get hired right out of school

  • Architecture or Planning (54 per cent employed)
  • Physical or Environmental Sciences (50 per cent)
  • Computer Science (48 per cent)
  • Business or Finance (48 per cent)

By contrast, only One-fifth of History or Political Science grads say that they had a job lined up upon graduation.

Eighty-one per cent of respondents had secured work within six months of graduating. However, that is the overall average. The details show that people who chose certain fields of study had much better prospects than others. One third (29 per cent) of English / Literature grads took six months or more to find a job.

Here’s how the grads were fairing in their first six months after leaving school.

The degrees with the lowest employability

  • English/Literature (29 per cent employed)
  • Communications (25 per cent)
  • Arts (21 per cent)
  • Social Sciences (21 per cent)
  • History / Political Science (20 per cent)

Recent data from Statistics Canada shows that on average it takes roughly four months to get hired for a new job right now. However, it isn’t suprising that many grads are taking six months or more to get hired.

Your first job after graduation is often one of the most difficult to secure, as you’re entering the job market without a lot of practical experience on your resume. Many people have to spend some time in unrelated jobs before finding work in their field.

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Source: From Cap and Gown to Corner Office: Survey Reveals Most Employable Majors

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